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  • Malik Alim

PODCAST: Ep. 22 - Hands Of Honey w/ Alaxandria Foreman & Mariah Sutton


Alaxandria Foreman and Mariah Sutton want to revitalize communities that look and feel like the ones they grew up in on the Southside, while protecting and contributing to the culture. They came to the studio to talk to me about their project Hands of Honey, a marketing platform and financial intermediary for minority owned business. We got into elitism, sustaining Black communities, what it means to be a criminal, y más.

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9:15 - revitalization vs gentrification 26:10 - cultural vs economic appropriation 31:00 - Hands of Honey 35:30 - non profit industrial complex 49:00 - getting arrested

Recorded at A. Sidney Katz studio in Chicago on 07/19/2018.

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