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heal. organize. create.


We bring together artists to love and transform themselves, their families, their communities, and their cities through radical imagination and healing. We believe that safe spaces are necessary to our organizing, serving as both a refuge against oppression as well as a studio for envisioning new forms of justice. The #BreathingRoom is a Black-led arts, healing, and organizing hub on the South Side of Chicago, including a shared kitchen, Liberation Lab, community garden, apothecary, and other gathering spaces. 



Our work creates alternatives to prisons and policing through our unique organizing model. By bridging creative placemaking and community-led mutual aid, we are able to provide an access point for those who are most impacted by mass incarceration and invite them into dialogue about what an abolitionist future looks like. 



The #LetUsBreathe Collective serves as an incubator for innovative activism and liberatory and cultural work in Chicago. We produce cultural events, build coalitions with other members of the Chicago resistance community, and incubate programs and ideas that redistribute resources and power, while our garden provides our community with sustenance and opportunities to learn about land stewardship. Together we are imagining and creating a world without prisons and policing.

To support our vision of a future without police, consider a donation.

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