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Healing, repair, and resistance—
Welcome to Liberation Landing.

Located at the #BreathingRoom campus, Liberation Landing is a place for solace, community, and opportunity for those most impacted by systemic oppression: Survivors of non-domestic (and other forms) of torture, Families surviving displacement, People at risk of deportation and immigrant detention, Agricultural workers, Abolitionists, and Communities engaging in spiritual politics (i.e. Catholic Workers and associates). It is the epitome of mutual aid efforts, created by a coalition of organizations working together to transform inequity.

Liberation Landing is a place for:

Land & Space Stewardship,
Food & Agriculture,
Mutual Aid & Community Engagement,
Art Politics & Performance,
Political Education & Organizing Space/Coalition Building,
Somatics & Embodiment,
Housing & Shelter,
Childcare and Nurturing,
and Spiritual Practice.


We believe that safe spaces are necessary to our organizing, serving as both a refuge against oppression as well as a studio for envisioning new forms of justice. Liberation Landing will facilitate cooperation with aligned organizations and people through life affirming community work and liberatory movement building.

Liberation Landing will be launching on Juneteenth 2022. 

Liberation Landing is a collaborative partnership and initiative between #LUBC and:

Screen Shot 2022-05-22 at 2.53.37 PM.png
 PATHS Chicago
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