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support liberation. invest in community

Imagine a world without prisons and police. Together, we’re creating that world.

#LetUsBreathe Collective serves as an incubator for innovative activism and liberatory and cultural work in Chicago. A gift of any amount helps us create alternatives to prisons and policing for communities, produce cultural events, and build power in communities. All donations benefit the #LetUsBreathe Collective's #BreathingRoom space — an arts, organizing, and healing hub on the South Side of Chicago. 

Here’s what your investment can provide:
  • $10 could fund grow a plant in our garden

  • $25 could fund a book in our liberation lab

  • $50 could fund a contributor stipend

  • $100 could fund a community meal

  • $250 could fund a stewardship stipend

Ongoing support = ongoing change. 
  • Monthly donors allow us to consistently fund our program and organizing expenses, from community meals to cultural events. No matter what you can give, your monthly donation is critical to our growth and sustainability. 

  • $10 per month

  • $25 per month

  • $50 per month

You can also donate via Cashapp at $letusbreathe

heal. organize. create.

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