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  • Miranda Elle


Allowing the space for all to feel as if they can listen to their instinctual nature and not be ashamed of it, punished or simply given a deathly side eye for being alive is something we all desire because we as people value connection and acceptance, often as a life line. Creating community around ourselves allows for space for us to know that we can maneuver freely, unshackled from the capitalistic society we live in today. As Black and Brown people celebrating and thriving despite living in a world dominated by anti-Blackness and Capitalism daily, breathing in deep and communing in the summer heat was a gift given to each of us as we stepped into the #LetUsBreathe collective’s space, The Breathing Room to celebrate #FreeDay. The celebration was held in remembrance of our ancestors being freed from chattel slavery within the US on June 19, 1865 in the state of Texas, being the last state to commence the emancipation of Africans enslaved within the confederate South. The Breathing Room’s celebration was an offering to the people of this land and their blood, sweat and tears.

Life is told in color and in the moment is where the answers lie with the ancestors guidance. Within the portal of color we all stepped into there was an immense amount of joy, homemade nourishment, performances and truth. The deep heartfelt humming of the drums being played within the greenery sat in the hearts of all who entered the space, the happy shrills of children running free dancing along to creatives like Sol Patches, Petty Crocker and Tweak Harris was a personification of freedom that was one of a kind. Hearing Damon Williams and the collective chant “ let my people go, set my people free ( repeat)... I love you like you were me” cast a spell over the attendees to know that they are welcomed into a space of intentional love and intentional care. When one is in a space where they know that their mind is being fed through the giving of free books, comics and shared knowledge and can come back to, that fosters the spirits of our people to know that not only are they welcome, but they can create a space as such as well. #FreeDay was a personification of our ancestors wildest dreams flourishing without heavy policing and allowing all to connect on a level that they may not have otherwise. I know that the ancestors were smiling down, I know that they got us.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

~Assata Shakur

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win…”

~Assata Shakur

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