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imagining a world without prisons & police

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the collective

The #LetUsBreathe Collective is an alliance of artists and activists organizing through a creative lens to imagine a world without prisons and police. The Collective operates the Breathing Room space, a Black-led liberation headquarters for arts, organizing, and healing on Chicago's South Side.

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the space

The #BreathingRoom space is an arts, healing, & organizing hub on Chicago’s South Side. It is a Black-led liberatory space that produces cultural events, builds coalition with the Chicago resistance community, and incubates programs that aim to force prisons and policing into obsolescence.

the land

Complete with a greenhouse, our people’s farm and green liberation oasis is  the epicenter of our #EverybodyEats food justice program, which distributes fresh produce and nourishing meals to support local families, community events, public actions, and mutual aid efforts.


the work

Our work bridges creative placemaking and community-led aid, providing an access point for those who are most impacted by mass incarceration and inviting them into dialogue about what an abolitionist future looks like.

our impact

We focus on creating space–to heal, nourish, and resist. This was evident in our work in 2022, and we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Read our 2022 Impact Report and you’ll find Collective’s work has grown with the help of partnerships and mutual aid, and we’re moving ahead with momentum–thanks to you.

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